A spick and span home for spring

10th Mar 2023

With the dark nights fast disappearing and spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to grab the duster and give your home a glow-up.

There’s no better time for a deep clean than after the hectic winter period. Work from top to bottom, opening windows as you go to let the crisp air in. Start by giving the whole house a thorough vacuum, and remember those windows, mirrors and skirting boards! Blast your favourite music for motivation and before you know it, your home will be smelling and feeling fresh.

Clutter be gone

Hang up any new outfits in the wardrobe, place toys and games in a cupboard or on shelves, and keep jewellery safe in a box or trinket dish. Reorganising your kitchen utensils and appliances can also free up extra space and help save time when cooking.

If you’re struggling for space, you could make use of some additional storage in the form of vacuum-seal bags for clothes, wicker baskets for shoes, blankets and furnishings, or under the bed boxes for bulkier items. And if that’s not enough – have a clear out! Now is the perfect time for a car boot sale, or to make use of online reselling apps or websites to free up space and earn some extra cash.

Spruce up the space

A lick of paint can really transform a room and add to the ambience of the home. To brighten up a space, opt for a white or beige shade, or go bold with a colourful or patterned statement wall. To make the room feel cosy and stylish, opt for warmer toned colours such as browns, greens or even black accents. For a quick and easy transformation hack, place a swatch of your favourite wallpaper inside a frame and hang on the wall – this way, you can update the look as often as you like, no wallpaper paste required! There are some great deals all year round on furniture such as sofas and chairs, so search for a bargain to make your living room feel new and luxurious.

Ready to move on?

If you feel ready for a new adventure and want some extra space, to downsize or explore new areas in the countryside or seaside, then Viola Homes has the ideal home for you and your loved ones. Our friendly sales team are ready to help you find the perfect home from our luxury collection. For more advice and inspiration, or to find out more about our developments across the North East and North Yorkshire, call 0345 060 5555.