How to keep the heat in this winter

How to keep the heat in this winter

07th Sep 2022

Temperatures have been at an all-time high this summer but so are the rising energy prices as we head into the chillier months. We all want to stay warm and cosy in the colder seasons but without breaking the bank.

It’s tough deciding what to prioritise as the temperatures outside drop, Viola Homes has a few tips to help you keep costs down and house temperatures up!

Did you know that by turning your thermostat down by only one degree, it will save the average household around £60 a year in fuel bills. Just imagine how much you can save if you drop the temperature a tiny bit more – it will still keep your house toasty while your pockets stay that little bit fuller.

Make use of your heating timer. Set the timer on your boiler to half an hour before you wake up to ensure you’re not shivering whilst brushing your teeth! You could also time the heating to come on when you’re arriving home. This prevents your heating from being on full blast when you switch it on and helps you cut down on overall heating costs.

Move everything out of the way. By keeping radiators clear from clutter and large objects, it reduces the risk of trapped heat. Take this as an opportunity to rearrange the furniture and give your home a revamp whilst letting the radiator heat up the place in no time. Also make sure to keep all doors closed to help bedrooms stay warm for the night!

Check your boiler, see if there is an eco-friendly setting. By switching to an eco-setting, it keeps bills at bay. If there’s no eco option, turn your thermostat to your chosen temperature to help keep prices down. Lastly, putting a blanket down on cold leather sofas or throwing a fluffy rug down on a wooden floor can help living rooms stay warm whilst giving them more of a homey feel.

Darren Pelusi, Sales Manager at Viola Homes said: “It’s no secret that the energy crisis is worrying for the whole country, and just about everyone is looking to make savings where they can.

“Most people don’t realise that even a small change to your settings or routine can make a big difference, so all families can potentially find something to help ease the pain this winter.”