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Maintenance Renovations

Save on maintenance and renovations

Particularly if you’re buying your first home or moving up the ladder, there can be little left in your budget for decoration and renovation once you’ve paid your deposit and moving costs. Moving into a new build means everything from your kitchen and bathroom to your boiler and wiring is brand spanking new. Unlike older properties, there’s no risk of expensive issues cropping up weeks after you move in!

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Lower energy bills

New build homes are built to comply with the latest building regulations on energy efficiency. This means they are far more energy efficient than older properties, with double glazing, upgraded insulation and modern heating systems included as standard. You’ll find you use a lot less energy to heat your home, which is kinder to both the environment and your bank account.

Ladder Icon

A helping hand onto the ladder

Most new build developments include an element of affordable homes, where a developer will agree with a local authority to provide some homes under affordable schemes like discounted sale, shared ownership or rent to buy. These schemes are great for first time buyers or renters struggling to save a deposit big enough to buy a home on the open market. Because of the shortfall in affordable housing available, these schemes are only available on new build homes.

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Break free of those chains

Buying your home from a developer gives you the benefit of being at the start of the buying chain, so there’s no risk of your purchase falling through due to something going wrong ahead of you. Buying from another homeowner who is already in a chain can be a stressful, protracted experience if someone else’s move doesn’t go ahead. If you own your current home and struggle to sell, some developments will also offer you the option to part exchange your property in order to help you secure the new one.

Modern Living Icon

Perfect for modern living

Upgrading your home is expensive, so the chance doesn’t come around that often. Did you know a new bathroom only comes along every 10 years for most people? For a kitchen, the average time between renovations is 20 years! With a new build, you get a stylish, modern home with all the latest fixtures, fittings, technology and appliances straightaway. If you buy off plan, you can also influence the design of your home, carefully selecting your materials and finishes to your own taste.

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The reassurance of new home warranty

You need your new home to be perfect. If anything does need fixing or improving in your new build home, you have the benefit of being under warranty. The 10-year National House Building Council (NHBC) warranty is designed to protect homeowners from the cost of any defects, so you don’t need to fork out for repairs related to the build. Cover starts when you exchange contracts and acts like an insurance policy should you encounter any defects, which will be referred to the developer to rectify.